About Me

This is me (Owen) standing in a vineyard.

I'm Owen Littlejohns, 'VineGuyWineGuy'.

With a degree in Viticulture, seven years of wine industry experience and the receiver of far too many blank stares when I tell people what I do.

My mission is to bridge the critical gap between vine and wine.


Vine Guy Wine Guy is a starting point.

Farming land and soil in a regenerative and sustainable way is where I wish to see the future of farming and the wine industry. I would love to say that I am producing this wine in a closed-loop system, carbon-neutral and giving back as much as I am taking from the land.


The harsh reality is that grape growers are at the command of the market, weather, season, financial limitations and personal philosophy. Buying grapes as a small wine producer comes with barriers. But regenerative farming inspires me to continue further into the winemaking world.

Without leasing or owning a vineyard myself, I have to make sacrifices and compromises in the agricultural processes. Right now, it's just an unfortunate reality.

The fun bit is then figuring out how to hold to my values and fulfill my demands that this wine meets ethical and sustainable targets, reflect the terroir, demonstrate a little of my personality, and tingles many taste buds.

The first step is building relationships with like-minded, friendly (environmentally and otherwise) grape growers and winemakers that can help me craft unique, interesting, super fun, sustainable, approachable and delicious wines.

The second step is to pursue growth, education, experimentation and conversation that will help me rise to the challenges that further the development of my practical and technical viticulture and winemaking skills. I am incredibly grateful that I can do all of this while I continue to manage and farm vineyards under the guidance of a premium Australian wine producer that shares a kindred philosophy in organic and regenerative based farming.

The Vine Guy Wine Guy label embraces my passion for winemaking, supported on a deep foundation of viticultural practices, celebrates farming, fosters growth and identity, has an authentic purpose, and invites experimentation.

Vine Guy Wine Guy is a starting point for something BIG.


I'm so glad you can join me on the journey.